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Elite Concept


   Talent management idea takes human as the most important resource. The development of the enterprise and the staff professional ability development are mutually dependent on each other. Our company encourages employees to continuously improve the professional ability in order to enhance the core competitiveness of the enterprise, while we should pay more attention to the staff themselves before caring their professional ability.Raise the human resource to capital level. On the one hand, forms the enterprise core competitiveness by investing in human resources, meanwhile, take the human resources into distribution elements of enterprise value consideration.

         Talent management concept consider that developing of human resources creates values for enterprise, and the enterprises should establish a fair environment for everyone to achieve self-worth, and offer essential resources to the staffs. Enterprise should pay equal attention to staffs' resposibility and right.Power should kept within its proper bounds and mobilization of staff enthusiasm by building an effective incentive mechanism. Giving material awards and moral encouragement on the basis on fair comment from job performance. Further on staffs' personal development and succession planning.  

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